Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Ah Ha!!! - caught myself out!!!

The deadly trap of the un-noticed ego!!!

Blogging's new to me. I've been getting myself going but not entirely happy with the product. I say what I want to, but it doesn't seem quite genuine.

It dawned on me the other day, - then got confirmed by my friend Mary Hughes (thanks Mary) . As I've been writing, I've been wanting to sound clever, - profound, - and a whole load of things which get in the way of honesty & integrety. Just like every activity, blogging benefits from mindfulness, from being able to separate out the 'real me' from the egoic mask that I and just about everyone else wears most of the time.

This is what we struggle with so much of the time, - and what lies at the heart of my beliefs around leadership and organisational development. We spend most of our time playing the part of ourselves, - presenting ourselves in the way we think we should, being "profound", or "tough" or "caring" or whatever role our ego feels most protected by. This creates a falsehood that others see, and that reduces our ability to add value to our lives. our colleagues and our organisations.

The challenge is to find a way of leaving our egos on the hanger with out coat when we get in in the morning so they can't stop us saying and doing what is right for the circumstance we find ourselves in!

Do take a look at Nick Smith's blog Life2point0 - and in particular, download "The little Book of Flow"

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