Thursday, 30 July 2009

What is 'Corporate Instinct'? - Part 1

I think I'm about ready to try and share some clarity about the nature of this concept of 'corporate instinct'. Please bear with me, - I'm thinking as I'm doing so won't always get it right first time!

Some words will follow, but I want to start with some images. Take a look at the school of fish and the flock of birds. What messages do the images present when you think about human organisations?


In both of these clips there's the immediate 'how do they co-ordinate so effectively?' I'm interested in reflecting on this later. But for now, I was particularly interested in the fish clip, - because we are closer to the action, we see more detail:

  • How is it that different groups of fish simultaneously take the lead (and former leaders allow themselves to be followers)?
  • Which fish decides on a change? ...or is 'decides' the wrong word?
  • How and why do subgroups emerge creating harmonious yet contrary motions?
  • ...and how do they re-unite?

Part 2 to follow soon, - but please feel free to comment.

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