Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Where has September gone?

Well what an incredibly busy September it's been!

- I'm not complaining, I need to earn a living and in the current economic conditions 'making hay whilst the sun shines' has got to be a good thing.

What I've been reminded of however, is how easy it is to get so into hay making that you forget all the lessons you taught yourself when things were a little quieter along with all the life priorities that you know make absoluterly sense!

I've been lucky enough to have been working with a number for fantastic clients in September, - and that's been very affirming and rewarding. I've also been doing a whole load of desk-work culminating last week in three nights in a row working until 2.30am.

The result of this was that I did the absolute minimum necessary to keep home & family ticking over (the most important life priority for me, yet I did the minimum!); I stopped my 'me time' completely (usually allow myself a half hour morning and evening for relaxation/recovery & re-focussing), and I survived on coffee to keep me awake and red wine to get me to sleep!

Is it any wonder that my body took took over the self management for me, - I stooped to get my son's pizza out of the oven & my back gave out. - couldn't move and had no choice but to have a complete 'system shutdown'.

Why do I, and so many other people, refuse to notice the signs and carry on as if we're some kind of super hero? Of course there are some disasters that are genuinely unpredictable, but how many times has a major catastrophe in your work or life been followed by some bright spark saying, "well, you could have seen thast coming a mile off"?!

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