Thursday, 16 September 2010

What's your excuse?

This is a bit different.  Powerful & challenging.

Thanks to Neil Cocker   for bringing it to my attention and to Sean Mullens for the artistry.

BIRTHRIGHT from Sean Mullens on Vimeo.

So, now for the challenge:

What is it that's stopping you from doing that thing which you know is of crucial importance to you?
What is the dreadful disability that superimposes "Can't DO" in big bold letters over our aspiration?
Whether it be something in our personal life, or a fundamental belief that there's a better way of doing things at work, most of us are great at expending loads of energy finding reasons not to take the risk!

Our global economic and environmental conditions are screaming out for us to find new ways, radical approaches, different outcomes.  I don't believe we're short of creative ideas and innovative delivery - but we do seem short of the courage to do what really matters to us.

Any thoughts?


  1. A powerful film indeed. Too many of us are stopped from achieving our dreams by our own attitudes and lack of self belief.

    In today's ever changing, complex and often confusing world our belief in ourselves and willingness to step beyond that which is comfortable must be challenged to enable us to achieve.

    It is easy to say no I cant and so much harder to put ourselves out there for others to judge. We all need to challenge what we have done in the past and question the future.

    Thanks for providing me with today's motivation.

  2. Thanks for your comment Rebecca, lovely to hear from you!

  3. Powerful challenging stuff Rich! Inspiring.